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Granovita Grilled Aubergine Pate – 125g – Granovita

Give this delicious Granovita pate a try to give your lunchtime snacks a delectable aubergine taste.

Planet Paleo Marine Collagen – 195g –

Our Marine Collagen powder is 100% sourced from wild, sustainably caught fish off the coast of

Clearspring Organic Umami Paste with Ginger – 150g – Clearspring

Clearspring Umami paste is highly versatile and fits right in with a number of dishes. Mix

Mani Blaeuel organic Kalamon Olives al Naturale – 205g – Mani

This Mani Blaeul olive jar contains delightfully fruity Kalamata olives; all mixed together in an extra

Weleda Smoothing Eye Cream – Wild Rose – 10ml – Weleda

Based on pure vegetable soap and natural oils to produce a creamy lather with sweet

Planet Paleo Marine Collagen – 195g –

Our Marine Collagen powder is 100% sourced from wild, sustainably caught fish off the coast of

Pimlico Vegan Monstrous Fizzy Belt Sweets – 450g – Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

Vegan jelly rainbow belts free from gelatine nuts and artificial colours. The delicious flavour combination

Fushi Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil – 300ml – Fushi

This vegan organic and palm oil free coconut oil is a natural anti aging moisturiser

Greenscents Washing Up Liquid – Citrus – 400ml – Greenscents

This citrus scented washing up liquid is made with natural and 72% organic ingredients fragranced

E-Cloth Classic Mop Head – e-cloth

Classic Mop Replacement Head has super absorbent high density cleaning tassels that clean hard floors

Ozmo Fridge Odour Absorber 200g – Ozmo Professional

Keep your fridge fresh with this natural fridge odour absorber made with a unique seaweed formula

Granovita Mushroom Pate – Palm Oil Free – 125g – Granovita

Made using organic ingredients this Granovita pate blends together mushrooms with herbs and seasonings to

Equal Exchange Organic Hazelnut Milk Chocolate – 100g – Equal Exchange

A gorgeous organic milk chocolate bar from South America with a rich and creamy taste

Dr Bronner Organic Liquid Castile Soap – Lavender – 473ml – Dr Bronner

Relax and unwind with the soothing scent of lavender in a liquid soap containing only pure

Smart Garden Solar Powered Firefly String Lights – 100 LEDS – Smart Garden

These dainty firefly lights from Smart Garden bring an air of whimsy and delight to your

Cooks & Co Whole Green Chillies – 300g – Cooks and Co

Bring some heat to your stir-fries pizzas marinades and more with these tasty whole

Beco Poo Bags with Handles – 120 – Beco Pets

Biodegradable eco-friendly dog poo bags from Beco designed to break down quickly reducing plastic

Aduna Super-Cacao Powder – 100g – Aduna

This super-cacao powder from Aduna has 8 x the flavinol content than regular cacao powder

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