Fushi Sweet Almond oil, Extra Virgin (100ml) –

sweet almond oil is a fabulous base oil, or carrier oil.once you have mastered the basics of essential oils it is a good idea to listen to your body, and start creating recipes that work best for you and your circumstances- because of this many of our customers love to mix their own therapeutic oil blends. the viscosity of sweet almond oil is ideal for absorbing and carrying oils that are best used in combination or in smaller quantities- a carrier oil par excellence.do not let the fact that it a base oil fool you however. after all, being good at one thing does not stop you being good others. fushi’s organic sweet almond oil is marvelous for the skin and the hair, and as it is cold pressed and of the highest quality it can be eaten and even used for cooking.

Fushi Sweet Almond oil, Extra Virgin (100ml)

This product is available for just £10.16 at Planet Organic


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