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Acorelle Ready to use Strips – Legs – Aloe Vera & Beeswax – 20 strips – Acorelle

Ready to use cold was strips for legs from Acorelle made with a natural

Acorelle Ready to use Strips – Face – Aloe Vera & Beeswax – 20 strips – Acorelle

Ready to use cold wax strips from Acorelle made with natural certified organic and

Acorelle Complete Waxing Kit – Acorelle

Certified organic waxing stripes suitable for the whole body. The complete waxing kit from Acorelle includes

Acorelle Beeswax – Underarms Bikini Line & Face – Royal Wax – 100g – Acorelle

Natural certified organic beeswax suitable for underarms bikini line and face from Acorelle. The

Acorelle Hair Regrowth Inhibitor – Face – 10ml – Acorelle

A facial hair regrowth inhibitor from Acorelle made with natural and organic ingredients. Ideal for

Acorelle Sugar Wax Roll-on Wax with Strips – 100ml – Acorelle

A natural easy roll on wax from Acorelle ideal for beginners. The roll-on applicator allows

Acorelle Sugar Wax with Strips – Body – Ylang Ylang Flower & Sugar Cane – Pot – 300g – Acorelle

Natural and EcoCert certified organic cold wax for body hair from Acorelle free from parabens

Acorelle Tea Garden Eau de Parfum – Acorelle

Positive Thoughts This eau de perfume based on essential oils of lemon and cedar give you

Acorelle White Orchid Eau de Parfum – Acorelle

Anti-Stress A veritable bouquet of floral notes with honeysuckle, rose and lily of the valley, all

Acorelle Lotus Dream Eau de Parfum – Acorelle

Serene & Relaxing Lotus Dream eau de parfum is the perfect blend between the feminine elegance

Acorelle Absolu Tiare Eau de Parfum – Acorelle

Relaxing This eau de parfum with essential oils of ylang ylang and bergamot stimulate the senses

Acorelle Citrus Verbena Eau de Parfum – Acorelle

Soothing & Refreshing This eau de parfum based on verbena refreshes and soothes the senses. Verbena

Acorelle R of Rose Eau de Parfum – Acorelle

Harmonises A light, gentle fragrance with a top note of rose which is lifted by a

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