Auga Archive

Auga Organic Chick Peas In Brine – 400g – Auga

These delicious organic chickpeas are great source of fibre are low in sugar and are

Auga Organic Whole Champignons In Brine – 250g – Auga

These organic handpicked whole mushrooms are carefully selected then processed in the nearby factory

Auga Organic Marinated Whole Champignons – 250g – Auga

These fresh and organic mushrooms are handpicked and processed in a nearby factory to lock in

Auga Organic Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce – 400g – Auga

These organic beans are preserved in nature friendly packages which are proven to have significantly less

Auga Organic Borsch Beetroot Soup – 400g – Auga

This delicious vegan friendly beetroot borsch soup is cooked from specially selected organic beetroots grown without

Auga Organic Creamy Carrot Soup With Coconut Milk – 400g – Auga

This deliciously creamy carrot soup with coconut milk is made from specially selected organic carrots with

Auga Organic Creamy Tomato Soup – 400g – Auga

This vegan friendly delicious soup is made from only the best handpicked organic tomatoes and packed

Auga Organic Vegetable Minestrone Soup – 400g – Auga

Delicious vegan and organic soup prepared in a factory close to where the specially selected organic

Auga Organic Sliced Champignons in Brine – 250g – Auga

These handpicked fresh packed mushrooms are carefully selected then sliced and packed in a

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