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Clearspring Kukicha Japanese Roasted Twig Tea – 20 Bags – Clearspring

With a lower caffeine content than green tea black tea and coffee Clearspring

Clearspring Matcha Tea Ceremonial Tin – 30g – Clearspring

Grown in a remote region of Kyoto only accessible on foot Clearspring Ceremonial Matcha

Clearspring Italian Arrabiata Pasta Sauce – Clearspring

This delicious Clearspring pasta sauce is an authentic product of Italy that adds plenty of flavour

Clearspring Organic Soya Mince – 300g – Clearspring

This product is perfect for anyone looking for a meat-free way to make Bolognese. Cook this

Clearspring Organic Sesame Oil – 500ml – Clearspring

500ml organic vegan friendly Clearspring Sesame Oil.This product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

Clearspring Udon Noodles – 200g – Clearspring

Clearspring Organic Udon Noodles are the ideal addition to a warming broth light stir fry

Clearspring Skinny Soba Somen Noodles – 200g – Clearspring

Slowly air-dried and matured by family artisan producers using traditional Japanese methods Clearspring Organic Skinny

Clearspring Italian Porcini Pasta Sauce – Clearspring

The Clearspring Italian Porcini pasta sauce provides a delightful authentic Italian taste to your pasta dishes.

Clearspring Italian Puttanesca Pasta Sauce – Clearspring

For a great way to bring flavour to your pasta dishes while keeping them vegan-friendly

Clearspring Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 litre – Clearspring

1 litre organic vegan friendly Clearspring Olive Oil.This product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

Clearspring Tamari Soya Sauce – 2.5 L – Clearspring

Clearspring Organic Tamari Soya Sauce is both wheat and gluten free yet with all of

Clearspring Organic Balsamic Vinegar 500ml – Clearspring

500ml organic vegan friendly Clearspring Balsamic Vinegar.This product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

Clearspring Tofu – 300g – Clearspring

Made from just three key ingredients – organic whole soya beans spring water from Mount

Clearspring Bio Kitchen Apple Sauce – 360g – Clearspring

Great for desserts or adding a bit of taste to some pork this yummy apple

Clearspring Organic Umami Paste with Ginger – 150g – Clearspring

Clearspring Umami paste is highly versatile and fits right in with a number of dishes. Mix

Clearspring Sea Salad – 30g – Clearspring

This Clearspring Sea Salad includes a batch of organic nori sea lettuce and dulse seaweed;

Clearspring Mellow White Miso Soup with Tofu – 4x10g – Clearspring

Try something a little different at lunch-time with this tasty Clearspring miso soup with tofu

Clearspring Unpasteurised Hatcho Miso Paste – 300g – Clearspring

This Clearspring unpasteurised hatcho miso paste is your passport to the world of Japanese cooking. So

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