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Biona Wasabi Style Horseradish Paste – 50g – Biona

For a satisfying mouth-melting sauce that will bring your food alive try this Wasabi-style horseradish

Sanchi Organic Tamari Soy Sauce – 150ml – Sanchi

Each bottle of this Sanchi organic tamari soy sauce has been naturally brewed and then aged

Seeds Of Change Korma Sauce – 350g – Seeds Of Change

Delicious nutritious and 100% organically-farmed this Seeds of Change korma sauce blends a variety

Amaizin Taco Shells – Amaizin

Fill these shells up with your favourite taco fixings from refried beans and pulled pork to

Veg-it-up Red Sauce – 340g – Veg-It-Up

Veg-It-Up have created a delicious sauce that acts as a brilliant substitute to tomato-based sauces. This

Biona Satay Spicy Peanut Simmer Sauce – 350g – Biona

This simmer sauce from Biona lets you make a delectably spicy dish with next to no

Meridian Brazilian Xim Xim Cooking Sauce – 350g – Meridian Foods

Bring the tastes of Brazil to your kitchen with this flavourful Meridian Xim Xim cooking sauce.

Yakso Organic Ghee – 300g – Yakso

Ghee is dutch butter that is typically prepared using an Indian method that heats butter and

Biona Beansprouts – 330g – Biona

These Biona beansprouts are the perfect thing to bring some flavour to a stir-fry or

Montezuma’s Organic 54% Dark Giant Buttons 180g – Montezumas Chocolates

Tasty organic dark chocolate giant buttons made with 54% cocoa for a perfect balance between bitter

Biona Organic Wheat Free Tamari Sauce – 250ml – Biona

Keep organic with this delicious tamari sauce from Biona; made with an incredibly rich flavour that’s

Seeds Of Change Sundried Tom & Basil Stir in – 195g – Seeds Of Change

Making great tasting pasta couldn’t be easier. Simply pour and stir this sauce into your pasta

Alfez Lemon Tagine – 100g – Alfez

Bring a touch of zest to your food with this rich spicy lemon tagine from

Amaizin Rice Paper – Amaizin

These organic Amaizin rice paper sheets are perfect for making your own Vietnamese snacks and appetisers;

Seeds Of Change Organic Bolognese Sauce – 500g – Seeds Of Change

With this Seeds of Change sauce you can create an wonderful organic spag-bol meal with

Williamson Elephant Tea Caddy – Painterly Summer – Lemon & Ginger 40 bags – Williamson Tea

Perfect for storing tea and great for injecting a bit of colour to your kitchen

Veg-It-Up White Sauce – 340g – Veg-It-Up

Made with organic vegetables this tasty Veg-It-Up sauce is predominantly made up of cauliflower

Nine Meals From Anarchy Uncorrupted Veg Stock – 105g – 9 Meals From Anarchy

Make a hearty veggie stew with this delicious uncorrupted vegetable stock from Nine Meals From

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