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Chocolate & Love Organic & Fairtrade Creamy 55% Dark with Cacao Nibs Chocolate Bar – 40g – Chocolate and Love

This deliciously creamy organic chocolate is given a crunchy texture by adding cocoa nibs which gives

Good Hemp Dairy Free Milk Drink – Original – 1L – Good Hemp

An award winning dairy free alternative to cow’s milk made with the natural goodness of

Equal Exchange Organic Colombian Roast & Ground Coffee- 227g – Equal Exchange

227g Equal Exchange Organic Colombian Excelso Roast & Ground. This Equal Exchange gourmet coffee is grown

Moo Free Dairy Free Bunnycomb Chocolate Bar 25g – Moo Free

Snack sized free from chocolate bar that are sprinkled with vegan friendly honeycomb toffee. Wrapped in

Clipper Organic Redbush Tea – 80 bags – Clipper

Praised in South Africa redbush or 'rooibos' is an excellent alternative to black tea that's

U-KUVA iAFRICA Victoria Falls Rainbow Pepper Grinder – 50g – U-KUVA iAFRICA

A medley of black white green and pink fair trade peppercorns bringing the flavour

Benevo Organic Vegan Dog Food 2kg – Benevo

This vegan dry adult dog food from Benevo is made in the UK with organic ingredients.

Suma Organic Tomato Soup – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

400 grams organic vegan friendly Suma Tomato Soup.

Suma Organic Ground Cinnamon – 30g – Suma Wholefoods

30 grams organic vegan friendly Suma Ground Cinnamon.This product is suitable for a gluten free

Kelkin Gluten Free Jaffa Cakes – 150g – Kelkin

Gluten free jaffa cakes from Kelkin are made with a light sponge cake a tangy

Biona Almond Butter – 170g – Biona

Biona Almond Butter is an organic vegan friendly spread which is also great for cakes

Cartwright & Butler Traditional Cheddar Cheese Biscuit Tin – 100g – Cartwright & Butler

These traditional savoury biscuits are made with delicious cheddar cheese by Cartwright & Butler in the

Clipper Green Tea With Lemon – 25 Bags – Clipper

Green tea is well known for its fantastic health benefits – its antioxidants help suppress harmful

Amy’s Kitchen Lentil Vegetable Soup – 400g – Amy’s Kitchen

This vegetable lentil soup is simply the wonderful lentil soup from Amy’s Kitchen packed with added

Belvoir Christmas Cordial 500ml – Belvoir

Try something a bit different this year with this delicious cordial from Belvoir. The recipe blends

Equal Exchange Organic Caramel Crunch With Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – 100g – Equal Exchange

An organic dark chocolate bar with crunchy caramel pieces and mouth watering salt crystals which work