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Essential Trading Baked Beans – 400g – Essential Trading

Organic baked beans from Essential in a rich tomato sauce. Made from only organic ingredients these

Oatly Oat Drink – Barista Edition – 946ml – Oatly

Oatly oat drink lets you ditch the milk carton and enjoy everything that you would normally

Amaizin Jalapenos – 150g – Amaizin

A common staple in Mexican cuisine these Amaizin Jalapeno peppers will be sure to make

Divine Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Rasins – 90g – Divine Chocolate

Add a little extra something to your after-dinner dark chocolate treat with this almond and raisin

Organix Multigrain Porridge – 200g – Organix

Babies from 7 months old will enjoy exploring new textures in this Multigrain Porridge provided by

Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs – 60g – Cheeky Monkey Organic

Delicious organic peanut butter flavoured puff snacks ideal for babies and young children as their

Essential Trading Chick Peas – 400g – Essential Trading

An amazing source of fibre these organic chick peas from Essential are manufactured with no

Essential Trading Tomatoes Tinned Chopped – 400g – Essential Trading

Organic tinned chopped tomatoes farmed in Italy with no added salt and bursting with flavour encased

Bonsoy Soy Drink- 1L – Bonsoy

A delicious vegan alternative to milk Bonsoy Soy Milk can be enjoyed chilled straight

Biona Egg & Soya Free Mayo – 230g – Biona

This cool mayo from Biona is ideal for keeping to a vegan diet without compromising the

Natur Compagnie Pasta al Funghi Snackpot – 50g – Natur Compagnie

Natur Compagnie lets you enjoy incredible flavour in your food even when you haven’t got lots

Biofair Organic Red Quinoa Grain – Fair Trade 500g – Biofair

Biofair Organic Fair Trade Red Quinoa originating from Bolivia / Ecuador / Peru is perfect with

Organix Animal Biscuits – 100g – Organix

These Organix Goodies Organic Animal Biscuits are a tasty treat for toddlers and babies over 12

Clearspring Seaveg Crispies – Original – 16 x 5g – Clearspring

These Clearspring Seaveg Crispies are made up of nori sea vegetable which has been cooked

Eden Organic Carrot Juice – 750ml – Eden

This vegan friendly organic Carrot Juice is perfect for upping your intake of Beta-Carotene

Geo Organics Thai Green Curry Paste – 180g – Geo Organics

Each jar of this Geo Organics curry paste is made up of organic ingredients that keep

Ella’s Kitchen The Green One Smoothie Fruit – 90g – Ella’s Kitchen

The Green One from Ella’s Kitchen is a tasty organic fruit smoothie snack which has nothing

Essential Trading Organic Pineapple Chunks In Juice – 400g – Essential Trading

Tasty organic Pineapple Chunks in organic pineapple juice from Essential Trading. Delicious served chilled with cream

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