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Logona Eyeliner Pencil (granite) – Logona

With this smoky and seductive classic eyeliner pencil you can create a beautiful look, while enjoying its gentle and soothing

Logona Fragrance Free Deo Spray – Logona

This fragrance free deodorant spray is the perfect solution for skin that is prone to allergies or is extra

Logona Hair Spray Silk Gloss – Logona

Keep your hair impeccably styled with Logona Hairspray Silk Gloss. This high quality hair spray will provide you with supreme

Logona Hair Colour Cream – Teak – Logona

Logona Herbal Hair Colour Cream Teak will give you beautiful richness and tone to your dark

Logona Pressed Powder (sunny beige) – Logona

This gorgeous pressed powder will give you a silky matte finish while soothing your skin with botanical ingredients. It contains a soothing

Logona Make-up Natural Finish (medium beige) – Logona

Give your complexion overall radiance with the light to medium coverage of our moisturizing Logona Natural Finish Makeup. It is combined

Logona Repair Shampoo Ginkgo – Logona

When your dry and damaged hair needs a little extra tender loving hair, you can seek out the help of Logona

Logona Age Protection CC Fluid – Logona

You can now benefit from our brand new Logona Age Protection skin care formula! Our CC-fluid has an 8-in-1

Logona Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate – Logona

When you add this superb therapeutic mouthwash to your dental care routine, you will immediately see an improvement

Logona Kabuki Brush, Powder Brush – Logona

The Logona Kabuki brush makes creating a smooth finish as easy as can be. This beautiful and high quality brush

Logona Kids Dental Gel Strawberry – Logona

Provide your kids with the best quality dental care, right from their first tooth! Kids will love the

Logona Concealer Cream (pearl) – Logona

When it comes to covering up your blemishes, this creamy and luxurious concealer will be your best friend. It

Logona Calendula Baby Shampoo – Logona

If you are looking for a gentle and mild cleanser for your baby’s skin and hair, Logona Calendula Baby Shampoo is the perfect

Logona Hair Conditioner Wheat Protein – Logona

Keep your hair looking supple and healthy with Logona Wheat Protein Hair Conditioner. This gently softening formula

Logona Glass Nail File – Logona

Treat yourself to a high quality and luxurious salon manicure at home with Logona Natural Nails accessories. This elegant and

Logona Natural Nail Polish No 05 Urban Taupe – Logona

Logona Natural Nail Polish is odourless and made from natural raw materials . It does not