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Lovechock Raw Organic Almond Fig Chocolate 40g – Lovechock

Sumptuous raw chocolate bar filled with delicious nuts and sweet fruit. 100% organic Lovechock is

Lovechock Raw Organic Pure Nibs Chocolate 40g – Lovechock

100% organic and suitable for vegans this full bodied pure raw chocolate bar from Lovechock

Lovechock Raw Organic Goji & Orange Chocolate 40g – Lovechock

A mouth-watering raw chocolate bar affectionately produced using exclusively natural and certified organic ingredients

Lovechock Raw Organic Cherry Chilli Chocolate 40g – Lovechock

Rich spicy dark cherry chilli raw chocolate from Lovechock made with sweet fruits and without

Lovechock Raw Organic Pineapple Incanberry Chocolate 40g – Lovechock

Lovechock organic raw chocolate bar is a taste sensation and is filled with exotic tropical fruits

Lovechock Raw Organic Mulberry Vanilla Chocolate 40g – Lovechock

Chocolate doesnÂ’t have to be bad for you with the raw and certified organic mulberry and