Loving Earth Archive

Loving Earth Crunchy Mint Dark 71% Cacao Raw Chocolate – 80g – Loving Earth

This famous Crunchy Mint Chocolate has up to twice the anti-oxidants than conventional chocolate as it

Loving Earth Salted Caramel 36% Cacao Raw Chocolate – 80g – Loving Earth

This deliciously creamy organic salted caramel chocolate bar is a blend of fairly traded ingredients: Raw

Loving Earth Caramel Raw Chocolate – 80g – Loving Earth

Made with single origin certified organic and fair trade virgin cacao Butter (35%) from Peru and

Loving Earth Turkishly Delightful Truffle Chocolate – 45g – Loving Earth

Made using essential rose petal oil this truffle chocolate has a delicious authentic Turkish

Loving Earth Salted Caramel Swayzee Chocolate – 45g – Loving Earth

Blending the bold taste of Loving Earth’s own brand of delicious dark chocolate with a creamy

Loving Earth Banoffee Bang Bang Chocolate – 45g – Loving Earth

Have a nutritious treat in the form of a bar of buckwheat banoffee bang bang chocolate

Loving Earth Coffee Ka-Paw Dark Chocolate Truffle – 45g – Loving Earth

The full-bodied dark truffle chocolate combined with the bold espresso flavour will put your tongue into

Loving Earth Very Buck ‘n Berry Raw Chocolate – 45g – Loving Earth

Completely free of milk and dairy this Buck n’ Berry raw chocolate bar has a

Loving Earth Dark 72% Cacao Raw Chocolate – 80g – Loving Earth

This luxurious vegan friendly chocolate is perfect for the purists who like their chocolate pure

Loving Earth Creamy Coconut 47% Cacao Raw Mylk Chocolate – 80g – Loving Earth

This deliciously creamy raw chocolate is made from organic cocoa grown by a small community of

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