Montezumas Chocolates Archive

Montezuma’s English Peppermint Dainty Dollops – 150g – Montezumas Chocolates

These dainty dollops are perfect as after dinner treats with a delicious peppermint ganache inside a

Montezuma’s Aztec Chocolate Bar Library – 500g – Montezumas Chocolates

A collection of five flavoured chocolate bars presented in a gift box perfect for birthdays

Montezuma’s Organic White Giant Buttons 180g – Montezumas Chocolates

Delicious organic giant white chocolate buttons with a hint of vanilla for a wonderful tasting snack.

Montezuma’s Organic 54% Dark Giant Buttons 180g – Montezumas Chocolates

Tasty organic dark chocolate giant buttons made with 54% cocoa for a perfect balance between bitter

Montezuma’s Organic Orange & Geranium Dark Chocolate – 100g – Montezumas Chocolates

A striking citrus flavoured organic chocolate bar with a blend of orange and geranium. Made from

Montezuma’s Organic 73% Cocoa Very Dark Chocolate – 100g – Montezumas Chocolates

A rich and delicious organic dark chocolate bar made with 73% cocoa from the Dominican Republic.

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