Organix Archive

Organix Multigrain Porridge – 200g – Organix

Babies from 7 months old will enjoy exploring new textures in this Multigrain Porridge provided by

Organix Animal Biscuits – 100g – Organix

These Organix Goodies Organic Animal Biscuits are a tasty treat for toddlers and babies over 12

Organix Carrot Stix – 15g – Organix

These delicious baked corn and potato snacks are packed with organic ingredients. Carrot sunflower oil and

Organix Mini Cheese Crackers – 4x20g – Organix

These tasty organic cheese crackers are a brilliant savoury snack that is suitable for children over

Organix Carrot Cake Soft Oaty Bars – 6x30g – Organix

These delicious organic Carrot Cake Soft Oaty Bars contain a succulent blend of wholegrain oats

Organix Banana Peach & Apple Muesli – 200g – Organix

Organix have cleverly combined an intriguing mixture of textures and flavours in this tasty and texture-filled

Organix Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bars – 6x30g – Organix

Organix Goodies Raspberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bars are packed with delicious organic ingredients: wholegrain oats

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