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Panda Mint Liquorice Four Bar Pack – 4x26g – Panda

Panda mint cream filled liquorice bars are a fantastic treat for a mid day indulgence for

Panda Raspberry Liquorice – 200g – Panda

Liquorice is a plant that grows wild on the mountain slopes in southern Europe and Asia.

Panda All Natural 4 Bar Pack – 128g – Panda

The secret of this delicious liquorice lies in a careful production process rich in tradition. Panda

Panda Original Liquorice Cuts Bag – 240g – Panda

This premium quality soft liquorice is made from all natural ingredients and flavoured with real liquorice

Panda Liquorice Mix – 200g – Panda

Panda have been producing liquorice renowned for its unique flavour and softness since 1927. The secret

Panda All Liquorice Creams – 200g – Panda

The secret of Panda’s uniquely flavoured liquorice lies in their meticulous selection of raw materials