Planet Organic Archive

Planet Organic Paleo Super Berry Granola – 350g – Planet Organic

This certified organic gluten free granola is a delicious paleo breakfast option that is suitable

Planet Organic Cacao Brazil Nut Energise Protein Bar 30g – Planet Organic

Bursting with delicious dates cashew butter almonds hemp protein brazil nuts

Planet Organic Paleo Sweet Greens Granola – 350g – Planet Organic

Paleo grain free granola made with certified organic crunchy nuts seeds chia seeds

Planet Organic Paleo Chocolate Bliss Granola – 350g – Planet Organic

Enjoy a delicious bowl of gluten free granola with added cacao powder cacao nibs and

Planet Organic Sprouted Rolled Naked Oats 300g – Planet Organic

Gluten free and 100% whole grain. A very popular gluten-free product. Dry-rolled to maintain enzymes produced

Planet Organic Himalayan Salt Popcorn – 20g – Planet Organic

This delicious organic popcorn has been hand popped in artisan kettles using coconut oil and flavoured

Planet Organic Chia Vanilla Energise Protein Bar – 30g – Planet Organic

A certified organic raw snack bar made with wholesome nuts hemp protein and super

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