Provamel Archive

Provamel Unsweetened Soya Milk Alternative – 1L – Provamel

Alpro Original Soya Milk is tasty traditional and has no added nasties. Unsweetened

Provamel Soya Milk – Vanilla – 1L – Provamel

Sourced ethically from small farmers instead of big companies to ensure only the best quality organic

Provamel Soya Dessert – Caramel – 4x125g – Provamel

Enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt with Provamel organic soya caramel desserts. It has a

Provamel Unsweetened Almond Milk – 1L – Provamel

Delicious and bursting with plant power this range of dairy-free drinks from Provamel is produced

Provamel Soya Dessert – Coconut Chocolate – 4x125g – Provamel

Tropical coconut with a rich chocolate flavour and creamy soya all brought together in a delicious

Provamel Soya Cream Alternative – 250ml – Provamel

Perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes this Provamel Soya Cream Alternative lets you whip

Provamel Soya Dessert – Chocolate – 4x125g – Provamel

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with these Provamel soya desserts made from delicious organic ingredients. Filled with

Provamel Coconut & Rice Milk – 1L – Provamel

Provamel aims to provide you with environmentally responsible drinks which are produced with the greatest respect

Provamel Soya Milk – Unsweetened – 500ml – Provamel

The ethically-sourced soya beans that go in to Provamel Unsweetened Soya Milk are full of natural

Provamel Soya Custard – 525g – Provamel

Dairy free soya custard from Provamel made from delicious organic vanilla extract to give it a

Provamel Soya Dessert – Vanilla – 4x125g – Provamel

Delicious organic soya vanilla dessert that is naturally low in saturated fat and high in

Provamel Rice Milk – Organic – 1L – Provamel

Made from a simple blend of the finest rice and water Alpro Rice Original is

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