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QI Organic Fairtrade Gunpowder Pearl Tea – Loose Leaf – 100g – Qi

Strong and full flavoured loose leaf tea.Herbal Health is particularly proud of this tea. The best

QI Organic Fairtrade Green Tea with Ginger – 25 Bags – Qi

A warm and stimulating tea.Ginger is one of the most highly rated Qi Energy herbs. It

QI Organic Fairtrade Jasmine Green Tea – 25 Bags – Qi

A classic tea prepared in the traditional wayThe abundant sweet and sensuous aroma and taste of

QI Organic Fairtrade Green Tea – 25 Bags – Qi

An ideal tea for the health consciousA healthy top of the mountain china green tea. Harvested

QI Organic Fairtrade White Tea – 25 Bags – Qi

More antioxidants than most other white teas.Tested by The Tea Research Institute of China Qi

Qi Organic Fairtrade Detox Green Tea – 25 Bags – Qi

Qi Detox tea has the “fresh in the morning” taste of lemon and orange. It is