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Speick Men’s Shaving Cream – Speick

A fragrant, natural shaving cream that pampers your skin with soothing, plant-based ingredients and essential oils. 

Speick Men After Shave Lotion – Speick

Natural aftershave with skin tonifying and revitalizing witch hazel. Energising blend of essential oils, Lavender

Speick Men’s Shaving Stick – Speick

Speick Men Shaving Stick with a fragrant blend of essential oils and the harmonising extract of the

Speick Men’s Shaving Foam – Speick

A rich shaving cream with organic aloe vera gel that soothes the skin and moisturises, helping

Benecos For Men Only 2in1 Face & Aftershave Balm – Benecos

2in1 face and aftershave balm that's been specially formulated for men. Vegan Anti-inflammatory Certified by

Every Man Jack Shave Cream – Fragrance Free – Every Man Jack

Olive oil extract hydrates, chamomile soothes, and aloe heals. Won’t dry out skin or clog pores. 

Every Man Jack Shave Gel – Fragrance Free – Every Man Jack

Chamomile extract soothes and hydrates, aloe + vitamin E heals and protects, and glycerin helps skin

Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil – Hawkins Brimble

For those with a more notable foray of facial hair, give it the care it deserves

Hawkins & Brimble Pre-Shave Scrub – Hawkins Brimble

Lay the foundations for a perfect shave with Hawkins & Brimble pre-shave scrub. Walnut shell, gently

Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream – Hawkins Brimble

Hawkins & Brimble Shaving Cream is the perfect remedy for a close, smooth shave. This cream

Hawkins & Brimble Post Shave Balm – Hawkins Brimble

This nourishing blend of olive oil, almond oil and cocoa helps to sooth and hydrate skin

Jason Men’s Shave Oil – Sensitive Skin – Jason Natural

Shield your sensitive skin while getting a comfortable, irritation-free shave. The soothing power of aloe vera,

Jason Men’s Shave Oil – Course Hair – Jason Natural

The nourishing power of grapeseed oil, argan oil and castor oil softens even the toughest beard,

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shave Cream – Mango Vanilla – Alba Botanica

Severe stubble trouble calls for our soothing and smoothing, super-shaver special. Power-packed with rich botanical emollients,

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shave Cream – Aloe Mint – Alba Botanica

When the going gets rough, it’s time to make a smooth move with this fuzz-fighting favourite.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Shave Cream – Coconut Lime – Alba Botanica

Whether feeling a little prickly, or downright shaggy, it’s time to go from hair to bare.

Bulldog Original Beard Oil – Bulldog

This beard oil contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. Specially formulated to soften, tame

Brooklyn Soap Company – Beard Balm – Brooklyn Soap

Natural Beard Balm with organic, nourishing ingredients for your daily beard care routine. The Brooklyn Soap

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