Somersets Archive

Somersets Replenishing Post Shave Moisturiser – SPF15 – 100ml – Somersets

With nourishing shea butter Japanese green tea and vitamins A & B this Somersets

Somersets Detoxifying Pre-Shave Facial Scrub – 100ml – Somersets

Made with a blend of vitamins B5 C and E this detoxifying pre-shave facial

Somersets Extra Sensitive Hydrating Shave Gel – 200ml – Somersets

This extra sensitive shave gel will really look after your skin. With added aloe vera and

Somersets Men’s Shaving Oil – 35ml – Somersets

This is the original Shaving Oil from Somersets. A blend of pure plant oils - including

Somersets Extra Sensitive Shave Oil – 35ml – Somersets

Made in the UK from the highest quality natural ingredients Somersets Extra Sensitive shave oil

Somersets Original Anti-Bacterial Shave Gel – 200ml – Somersets

Soap free this anti-bacterial shave gel won’t dehydrate your skin and will calm your skin

Somersets Anti-Bacterial Balancing Pre-Shave Facial Wash – 100ml – Somersets

Somersets anti-bacterial and balancing pre-shave face wash is made using American witch hazel and organic aloe

Somersets Tough Stubble Shave Oil – 35ml – Somersets

Somersets Tough Stubble shave oil is formulated from the greatest quality natural ingredients especially for tough

Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil For Women – 15ml – Somersets

Wherever you need to shave, this will enable the razor to glide over your skin, enabling

Somersets Pre-Shave Face Scrub – Somersets

Somerset's exfoliating scrub with a unique blend of vitamins including B5, C and E will leave

Somersets Original Shaving Gel – Somersets

Soap free - Won't dehydrate your skin. You will immediately feel the difference compared to chemical-based

Somersets Original Shaving Oil – 35ml – Somersets

A cooling moisturising oil that lubricates the skin for an extra close shave. This is the

Somersets Shaving Oil For Women – 35ml – Somersets

Wherever you need to shave, this will enable the razor to glide over your skin, enabling

Somersets Pre-Shave Face Wash – Somersets

This gentle wash with American Witch Hazel and organic Aloe Vera will leave your skin clean

Somersets Maximum Glide Tough Stubble Shaving Oil – 15ml – Somersets

Sets up tough heavy beards for a close comfortable shave without nicks or razor burn. Even

Somersets Extra Delicate Shaving Oil for Bikini Line – 35ml – Somersets

The Quick and painless way to remove unwanted hair.  With continued use this unique formulation of

Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Gel – Somersets

For a superior shave nurture and protect the skin with this friction free gel. For the

Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil – 35ml – Somersets

Specially formulated for men with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can really suffer under the razor! We

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