Suma Wholefoods Archive

Suma Prepacks Organic Brown Rice Flour – 500g – Suma Wholefoods

Organic and vegan-friendly Brown Rice Flour.500g

Suma Gluten Free Nut Roast Mix – 340g – Suma Wholefoods

Make your own nut roast this Christmas with this Gluten-Free nut roast mix full of

Suma Organic Vegetable Bouillon Powder – 150g – Suma Wholefoods

Suma’s bouillon powder uses an organic recipe which is completely free from gluten palm oil

Suma Prepacks Organic Raw Cane Sugar – 500g – Suma Wholefoods

500 grams of organic Suma Raw Cane Sugar.

Suma Organic Soup – Red Pepper & Tomato – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

Indulge in the rich taste of this comforting soup from Suma; bursting with tomato-y tang and

Suma Organic Soup – Carrot & Coriander – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

This rich carrot soup from Suma has a hint of coriander flavouring that makes it an

Suma Organic Soup – Rustic Vegetable – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

Hearty warming and perfect as a comfort food this rustic vegetable soup from Suma

Suma Organic Soup – Tuscan Bean – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

This Suma organic soup has a rich mouth-watering vegetable bouillon broth with tasty Tuscan beans

Suma Organic Soup – Italian Tomato & Basil – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

This ripe Italian tomato soup from Suma is flavourful and rich with additional flavour

Suma Organic Baked Beans – Low Sugar – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

This scrumptious Suma tin contains organically farmed haricot beans swimming in a rich Italian tomato sauce

Suma Prepacks Organic Currants – 500g – Suma Wholefoods

500 grams organic vegan friendly Suma Prepacks Currants.

Suma Organic Vegan Meatballs Bolognese – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

You don’t need to say goodbye to a good plate of spagbol now you’re vegan. Tuck

Suma Prepacks – Organic Millet Flakes 500g – Suma Wholefoods

Can be used in mueslis boiled as a porridge or used in rissoles and

Suma Organic Soup – Minestrone – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

Suma presents a tasty meal in a tin that’s ready to eat with a few minutes

Suma Organic Soup – Spicy Lentil – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

With a pleasing heat in the mouth and a lovely warming feeling in your stomach

Suma Organic Ground Cumin – 25g – Suma Wholefoods

25 grams organic vegan friendly Suma Ground Cumin.This product is suitable for a gluten free

Suma Organic Soup – Pea – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

Enjoy a delicious vegan meal in no time at all with this organic pea soup from

Suma Organic Soup – Tomato – 400g – Suma Wholefoods

A simple yet tried-and-true classic this Suma organic tomato soup is thick and rich

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