Tiana Archive

Tiana Fair Trade Raw Coconut Water with Real Passion Fruit – 350ml – Tiana

This natural fair trade coconut drink with added passion fruit is a deliciously fruity and

Tiana Organic Raw Active Wild Mountain Flower Honey – Enzyme Diastase 10+ – 250g – Tiana

A 100% raw organic pure and unpasteurised honey from Tiana sourced from the exquisite

Tiana Fair Trade All Purpose Gluten Free Cassava Flour – 500g – Tiana

Naturally gluten free and fair trade cassava flour made from premium fresh cassava root. Suitable for

Tiana Organic Coconut Butter – 350ml – Tiana

This Fair Trade coconut butter is made from the finest organic coconuts – and nothing else.

Tiana Fair Trade Pure Raw Coconut Water – 350ml – Tiana

Delicious fair trade raw coconut water bottled within 3 hours of opening the coconut for

Tiana Fair Trade Raw Ginger Virgin Coconut Oil – 350ml – Tiana

A fair trade cold pressed raw virgin coconut oil infused with superior quality ginger oil to

Tiana Extra Virgin Organic & Fairtrade Coconut Oil – 350ml – Tiana

This extra virgin coconut oil from Tiana is as pure as it gets. It’s raw and

Tiana Organic Raw Coconut Goodness – 350g – Tiana

TIANA Raw Organic Coconut Goodness is the pure white unsweetened coconut flesh of selected large fresh

Tiana Exquisite Omega 3 Spreadable – 150g – Tiana

TIANA’s Exquisite Spreadable is the perfect fair trade organic Omega 3 dairy-free replacement to

Tiana Fair Trade Raw Coconut Water with Real Pomegranate – 350ml – Tiana

Fair trade coconut water from Tiana with added pomegranate. The raw coconut water is bottled within

Tiana Organic High Omega 3 Coconut Butter – 250ml – Tiana

This coconut cooking butter enriched with hempseed oil is 100% organic and high in Omega 3.

Tiana Organic Crystalised Raw Coconut Blossom Nectar – 250g – Tiana

A fantastic alternative to cane or beet sugar Tiana Organic Raw Coconut Blossom Nectar is

Tiana Coconut Flour – Gluten Free – Low Carb – 500g – Tiana

This organic coconut baking flour is the perfect alternative to conventional wheat-based flours. It produces excellent