U-KUVA iAFRICA Victoria Falls Rainbow Pepper Grinder – 50g – U-KUVA iAFRICA

A medley of black white green and pink fair trade peppercorns bringing the flavour

U-KUVA iAFRICA Peri Peri – Chilli Garlic and Lemon Grinder – 45g – U-KUVA iAFRICA

A mixture of fairly traded salt chilli lemon garlic pepper and parsley

U-KUVA iAFRICA Swahili Lemon Pepper Grinder – 60g – U-KUVA iAFRICA

A mix of black pepper citrus garlic salt and a pinch of chives

U-KUVA iAFRICA Moroccan Harissa Grinder – 50g – U-KUVA iAFRICA

Bring the flavours of North Africa into your home with the fairly traded Moroccan Harissa Chilli

U-KUVA iAFRICA Cape Garden Herbs Grinder – 40g – U-KUVA iAFRICA

A mix of fair trade Cape Garden herbs in a ready to use grinder that can

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