Urban Spa Archive

Urban Spa – Body Loving Bath Mitt – Urban Spa

Dual-sided for cleansing then gentle exfoliation. Bamboo side for sudsy cleansing Jute side for gentle

Urban Spa – Smooth as Silk Hair Brush – Urban Spa

Made from beechwood. Two types of pegs make detangling easier Comfortable contoured wooden handle

Urban Spa – Must Have Moisturising Gloves – Urban Spa

Made from unbleached cotton and lycra Machine washable Use with lotion to soften hands overnight

Urban Spa – Head Band – Urban Spa

Soft bamboo fibre stretch head band, gentle and effective in aiding facial treatment. Perfect for

Urban Spa – Flat-Out Natural Loofah – Urban Spa

Natural loofah body scrubber that gently exfoliates. Sustainable Expands when wet Gentle exfoliation

Urban Spa – Foot File – Urban Spa

Made from beechwood Classic shape Use wet or dry Great for everyday maintenance Foot

Urban Spa – This is Bliss Bath Pillow – Urban Spa

Generous enough to cradle head, neck, and shoulders. Outer made from microfibre. Large enough to

Urban Spa – Savvy Sister Turban – Urban Spa

Lightweight, soft and highly absorbent, designed to remove more water from hair than a regular towel.Made

Urban Spa – Bedtime Booties – Urban Spa

Made from unbleached cotton. Use with lotion to soften feet overnight Machine washable Breathable cotton

Urban Spa – The Lovely Lavender Eye Pillow – Urban Spa

Soothing lavender filled pillow blocks light and provides gentle acupressure for peaceful, undisturbed rest. Provides

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