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Pukka Mint Matcha Green Tea – Pukka

First, the perkiest fairly-traded Egyptian spearmint, as fresh as the wind whistling through your hair. Then,

Yogi Tea Women’s Balance Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

A delicious, light tea blend of thyme, liquorice, lavender and raspberry leaves. Vegan friendly GMO

Yogi Tea Green Tea With Ginger & Lemon Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Smooth green tea adds a meditative soft quality to ginger’s spiciness. The sweet fruitiness of lemon

Yogi Tea Positive Energy Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

This bright aromatic blend helps to energise and uplift the spirit. Invigorating green mate, guarana and

Yogi Tea Himalaya Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Fennel and spicy ginger give this classic chai an intriguing flavour and rich aroma. The addition

Yogi Tea Throat Comfort Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Liquorice and mullein combined with sweet cinnamon, orange peel and fennel make this delicious, soothing tea

Yogi Tea Women’s Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

A delicious blend of ginger, orange peel, angelica root and Ayurvedic spices, this unique tea helps

Yogi Tea Lime Mint Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Tangy lemon, aromatic peppermint, cardamom and sweet liquorice - enjoy it cold or hot. Vegan

Yogi Tea Choco Mint Organic Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Sometimes, after a long exerting day, our thoughts simply will not let us rest, returning to

Yogi Tea Organic Sweet Mint Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Aromatic peppermint and spearmint are grounded by powerful Assam tea, ginger, clove and sweet cinnamon while

Yogi Tea Immune Support Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

In the ups and downs of the seasons our immune system sometimes needs some support so

Yogi Tea Men’s Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Men's Tea with ginger, roasted chicory, ginseng and chili pepper is a great tasting

Yogi Tea Licorice Mint Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Refreshing cool peppermint, heart-warming cinnamon, ginger and clove and the sweet taste of liquorice.  Vegan

Yogi Tea Licorice Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

For centuries the great pharaos of Egypt treasured liquorice root for its natural sweetness, rich flavour

Yogi Tea Wellbeing Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea Wellbeing with its aromatic sage and warming cinnamon reminds us of the age old

Yogi Tea Women’s Energy Tea (17 Bags) – Yogi Tea

An enthusiastic and deliciously lively tea thanks to fruity hibiscus, raspberry leaf and angelica root extract,