Wenko Archive

Wenko Insulating Draught Excluder – White – Wenko

This simple foam and plastic household draught excluder stops draughts saving you energy and reducing

Wenko Insulating Draught Excluder – Black – Wenko

Stop draughts save energy and reduce your heating bills with this simple household draught excluder.

Wenko Radiator Brush – Wenko

This long and flexible brush combats radiator dust to enable more effective air circulation and heat

Wenko Insulating Draught Excluder – Brown – Wenko

Prevent draughts save energy and cut down your heating bills with this simple household draught

Wenko Ladybird Crumb Pet – Wenko

Clean up crumbs easily and quickly with this adorable ladybird crumb brush. The intelligent double roller

Wenko 3-Phase Drain Cleaning Brush – Wenko

Keep your drain and pipes clean and clear without the need of nasty chemicals with this

Wenko Universal Ironing Board Cover – Blue – Wenko

This plain blue ironing board cover will cut your ironing time in half with a