Willies Cacao Archive

Willie’s Cacao Indonesian Gold Dark Chocolate – 80g – Willies Cacao

The delectable single estate cacao in this special chocolate bar contains soft caramel flavours and creates

Willies Cacao Black Pearls – Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolates – 150g – Willies Cacao

Once you break through the fruity Madagascan 71 dark chocolate exterior you will be greeted

Willies Cacao 5 Wonders of the World Chocolate Tasting Box – 5 x 50g – Willies Cacao

If you can’t decide on your preferred choice of chocolate or are looking for a charming

Willies Cacao Madagascan Chefs Drops Cooking Chocolate – 71% Sambirano – 150g – Willies Cacao

Only natural ingredients are used to make this dark cooking chocolate from Willies Cacao. The Sambirano

Willies Cacao Venezuelan Chefs Drops Cooking Chocolate – 72% Rio Caribe – 150g – Willies Cacao

Using only natural ingredients and made with 72% minimum cacao solids these cooking chocolate drops