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Zarqa Baby & Kind Hair Lotion Spray Anti Cradle Cap – Zarqa

More than half of the (newborn) babies suffer from cradle cap. Zarqa Hair Lotion Spray Anti

Zarqa Baby Ultrasoft 3 in 1 Wash – Zarqa

A shampoo, bath and shower wash in one, with calendula & chamomile  balance and soften

Zarqa Anti-Age Day Day Cream – Zarqa

Delay wrinkles, improve skin elasticity while being kind to your skin. This creamy cream has Dead

Zarqa Repair Foot Balm – Zarqa

Treat extremely, dry, rough feet. This soft foot balm softens rough skin and helps corns

Zarqa Sensitive Bath Oil – Zarqa

An intensive vitamin E treatment oil for the bath Suitable for extra dry and sensitive

Zarqa Pure Skin Cleansing Wash – Zarqa

A soap-free wash gel for oily and blemished skin Dead sea minerals and salicylic purify

Zarqa Shampoo Dandruff Control – Zarqa

Mild and gentle anti-dandruff shampoo Soothes irritation and helps restore and soothe the scalp Gently

Zarqa Soft Cleansing Foam – Zarqa

A cleansing foam for fresh, clean skin. Packed with Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera which

Zarqa Pure Skin Cream – Zarqa

A soothing cream containing Biosulphur. Biosulphur has a normalizing effect on excess sebum and can help

Zarqa Sensitive Body Treatment – Zarqa

Zarqa Body lotion for sensitive skin contains active nourishing ingredients including Dead Sea minerals, urea and

Zarqa Skin/Hair Repair Complex – Zarqa

A recovery complex packed with powerful natural ingredients like calendula, vitamin E and F (vitamins).

Zarqa Black Mud Soap – Zarqa

For healthy and silky skin - exfoliates, cleanses & revitalises Keeps skin healthy and smooth

Zarqa Sensitive Shampoo Every Day – Zarqa

A very gentle shampoo for the care of sensitive scalps and hair. This very mild shampoo

Zarqa Anti-Redness Cream – Zarqa

A protective and nourishing cream for thin, red and sensitive skin. Includes the plant extracts horse

Zarqa Energising Foot Bath – Zarqa

Cleanse, invigorate and refresh your feet Can help to soften calluses, and deodorise sweaty feet

Zarqa Multi Active Foot Cream – Zarqa

This unique formula includes extracts from the Dead Sea, Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and

ZARQA 100% Pure Therapeutic Dead Sea Salt 5kg – Zarqa

100% pure Dead Sea salt dried in the sun Sun-drying ensures an extremely high content

Zarqa Foot Scrub – Zarqa

Stimulating, refreshing foot scrub for clean, soft feet Natural salt crystals remove dead skin cells

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