Organic products - aloe vera
According to Organic World, the sales in the UK organic sector are “set to break through the £2 billion mark in 2016” and it seems that growth will continue.

Manufacturers of organic products strive for 100% natural or agricultural ingredients but, as there are currently legal standards in the UK only for organic food, other organic products can still contain laboratory-created chemicals. However, in these days of increased production of genetically modified crops and continual development of lab-produced substances to supposedly improve the use or benefit of certain products, it makes sense to choose items marked ‘organic’ due to their health benefits and disease-free nature. Although not always totally chemical free, modern organic or natural goods are a huge step in the right direction.

It is interesting to carefully consider the basic reasons why you should choose an organic product when it comes to beauty, hair, baby care, clothing, in fact any item that can affect you bodily or environmentally.

Skin Deep

The skin absorbs anything you apply to it so when choosing a product, you should know its health implications. Before considering using a particular product on the skin, look for available options that will give you greater results but free from other side effects.

Organic skincare products are often free from chemicals which considerably reduces any side effects from using such creams and oils, especially when it concerns baby care. Babies have delicate skin so when choosing your purchases, it should be organic to prevent skin irritation and other skin diseases.

Organic products in general, due to their natural content, are more likely to promote a healthy skin. They help to enhance the skin and not disfigure it! The ingredients in quality organic skin brands support the repair of damaged tissues and rejuvenation. They also provide a solution to people with the common problem of sensitive skin. Since these products are usually without any synthetic additives, those with sensitive skin can comfortably use them.

Using organic cream, naturally-produced makeup and other beauty products can also promote good health. As the body absorbs anything applied to it and the ingredients often assimilate into other organs of the body, studies have shown that synthetic skin products can contain harmful substances which induce skin cancer and some respiratory diseases.Therefore using organic beauty products provides you with a safer and friendlier product that is unlikely to cause health disorders.

Hair Do’s

For the hair, organic products have enormous benefits. For instance, they moisturise the scalp, prevent itching and also strengthen the follicles. For those with dry hair, organic hair products enrich and promote healthy hair growth. Organic hair products don’t just provide short term benefits but encourage long-lasting, healthy and beautiful hair with a radiant finish.

Changing Clothes

What about clothing – why organic? Organic cloth has its own benefits, especially for babies and children. Because the materials are naturally grown, for instance cotton or silk, they help to naturally protect the skin from diseases and irritations plus they allow the skin to breathe. When you wear organic clothing, the benefits are not just personal but also environmental; the use of organic cloth also reduces the amount the pesticides used in our farms globally. It eliminates water pollution and promotes a healthier environment for the growing plant and surrounding wildlife.

Spring Clean

Household cleaning products have a huge impact on the environment, particularly as all the residue ends up down the drain. Using eco-friendly brands will ensure you’re making a big difference.

All things considered, organic products come with great benefits. They are free of hormone disruptors, allergens and cancer-causing chemicals. Surely being closer to nature has to be the main reason for choosing organic!