Aqua Oleum Organics Archive

Aqua Oleum Organic Geranium Essential Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

With uplifting and revitalising properties this 100% pure and certified organic geranium essential oil has

Aqua Oleum Rosemary Essential Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

You can use this rosemary essential oil to soothe painful joints or purify the air. It

Aqua Oleum Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

A certified organic Madagascan Ylang Ylang essential oil with an uplifting floral scent that can help

Aqua Oleum Lavender Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

Made by steam distillation of fresh flowering heads of Lavandula Officinalis. This product has a sweet

Aqua Oleum Organic Lavender Essential Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

Relax and rejuvenate with this certified organic lavender oil. Simply add 5-10 drops to your bath

Aqua Oleum Organic Patchouli Essential Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

Certified organic 100% pure Indonesian patchouli essential oil with a sweet exotic scent to restore.

Aqua Oleum Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil – 10ml – Aqua Oleum

Tea Tree oil is perfect for treating your skin and has anti-infectious and anti-viral properties as

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