Bambu Organics Archive

Bambu Bamboo Utensil Travel Set with Cork Pouch – Bambu

Perfect for travel this Bambu cork utensil helps you eat without the need for single-use

Bamboo Kitchen Basics – Set of 3 – Bambu

This set of three basic kitchen utensils comprises of an oval spoon a round spoon

Bambu Gaby Crumb Board – Bambu

Mess and crumbs on your kitchen table will be a thing of the past with this

Bambu Large Bamboo Serving Tray – Bambu

For the host that demands perfection from every aspect of their parties and get-togethers this

Bamboo Coasters with Pine Tree Motif – Set of 4 – Bambu

These functional and durable coasters with pine tree motif not only look good they are

Bamboo Coasters with Stag Motif – Set of 4 – Bambu

These lovely coasters with stag design not only look good they are also good for

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