Biona Organics Archive

Biona Organic Cranberry Juice – 100% Pure – 330ml – Biona

330ml organic vegan friendly Biona 100% Pure Cranberry Juice.This product is suitable for a gluten

Biona Coconut Bliss Organic Spread – 400g – Biona

An organic coconut butter from Biona made with high quality organic dried coconut flesh. The creamy

Biona Organic Apple Juice – 1 litre – Biona

1 litre organic vegan friendly Biona Apple juice.This product is suitable for a gluten free

Biona Organic Hot Pepper Sauce – 140ml – Biona

A delicious tongue-twisting alternative to tabasco pepper sauce this hot pepper sauce from Biona

Biona Organic Jackfruit in Water – 400g – Biona

This organic jackfruit from Biona is a great meat substitute adding flavour and texture to

Biona CocoBella Chocolate Spread Organic – 250g – Biona

A delicious organic spread made with a blend of chocolate and coconut oil suitable for

Biona Organic Berry Burst Sweets – 75g – Biona

Biona’s berry burst gelatine free jelly sweets are jam-packed with natural juicy flavours and certified organic

Biona Organic Medium Hot Squeezy Mustard – 320ml – Biona

Liven up your favourite meals with or sandwiches with new Biona Organic Medium Hot Mustard. This

Biona Beansprouts – 330g – Biona

These Biona beansprouts are the perfect thing to bring some flavour to a stir-fry or

Biona Harissa Relish – 125g – Biona

This harissa relish from Biona is traditionally enjoyed in Africa and brings a unique heat to

Biona Organic Coconut Cream – 400ml – Biona

This deliciously smooth coconut cream is a more concentrated thicker version of coconut milk which

Biona Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 400g – Biona

400 grams organic vegan friendly Biona Virgin Coconut Oil.This product is suitable for a gluten

Biona Organic Sweet Chilli Sauce – 250ml – Biona

A kitchen essential to anyone who loves Asian cuisine this Biona sweet chilli sauce provides

Biona Vegan Worcester Sauce – 140ml – Biona

Practically any savoury snack can be improved with a goodly helping of Worcester sauce and

Biona Egg & Soya Free Mayo – 230g – Biona

This cool mayo from Biona is ideal for keeping to a vegan diet without compromising the

Biona Organic Tomato Ketchup with Agave Syrup – 320g – Biona

Made with organic tomato puree and given some tasty organic seasoning this Biona organic ketchup

Biona Organic Wheat Free Tamari Sauce – 145ml – Biona

This rich Biona Tamari sauce provides a delightful wheat free alternative to standard soy sauce; perfect

Biona Organic BBQ Brown Sauce – 250ml – Biona

This thick delicious sauce from Biona goes great dolloped on a beef burger or used

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