Biona Organics Archive

Biona Almond Butter – 170g – Biona

Biona Almond Butter is an organic vegan friendly spread which is also great for cakes

Biona Organic Sour Snake Sweets – 75g – Biona

Sour snake jelly sweets from Biona made from Certified Organic and natural ingredients and brimming with

Biona Organic Sauerkraut – 360g – Biona

Add Biona sauerkraut as a tasty side dish to lots of healthy meals such as salads

Biona Spelt Organic Fusilli Pasta – 500g – Biona

500 grams organic vegan friendly Biona Spelt Fusilli.

Biona Organic Creamed Coconut – 200g – Biona

Biona Creamed Coconut is made from the finest selected organic coconuts. Ideal to add richness and

Biona Organic Maple Agave Syrup – 350g – Biona

Looking for a delicious and ethically sourced topping for pancakes or ice cream? Biona Organic Maple

Biona Organic Coconut Milk – 400ml – Biona

400ml organic vegan friendly Biona Coconut Milk from pressed coconut kernel.This product is suitable for

Biona Hazelnut Syrup Waffles – 175g – Biona

These crunchy wholegrain waffles are filled with hazelnut syrup made from the sweetest organic hazelnuts. Made

Biona Organic Berry Burst Sweets – 75g – Biona

Biona’s berry burst gelatine free jelly sweets are jam-packed with natural juicy flavours and certified organic

Biona Organic Coconut Milk Powder – 150g – Biona

This delicious versatile powder is made from the freshest and highest quality organic Sri Lankan coconuts

Biona Puy Canned Lentils Vert – BPA Free – 400g – Biona

A good source of protein and rich in dietary fibre these organic lentils are a

Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil – 200g – Biona

200 grams organic vegan friendly Biona Virgin Coconut Oil.This product is suitable for a gluten

Biona Organic Apple Juice – 1 litre – Biona

1 litre organic vegan friendly Biona Apple juice.This product is suitable for a gluten free

Biona Organic Silverskin Onions – 340g – Biona

Certified Organic Silverskin onions from Biona pickled in vinegar and marinated with mustard seeds for extra

Biona Caramel Syrup Waffles – 175g – Biona

These deliciously sweet and crunchy caramel filled wholegrain waffles are perfect for a mid morning or

Biona Amaranth Seeds – 500g – Biona

500 grams organic vegan friendly Biona Amaranth Seeds.This product is suitable for a gluten free