Bute Island Organics Archive

Creamy Sheese Dairy Free Spread – Cheddar Style – 170g – Bute Island

Treat yourself to a cheeky cheddar cheese snack with this Creamy Sheese spread; made with tons

Creamy Sheese Dairy Free Spread – Original – 170g – Bute Island

Gluten and lactose intolerant people can finally enjoy delicious cheese flavour in this vegan-friendly creamy cheese

Creamy Sheese Dairy Free Spread – Garlic & Herb – 170g – Bute Island

The cheesy splendour of this Creamy Sheese spread is made all the more tantalising by the

Creamy Sheese Dairy Free Spread – Spring Onion & Black Pepper – 170g – Bute Island

Make a mouth-watering vegan snack to tide you over until tea-time with this creamy Sheese spread;

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