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E-Cloth Bathroom Pack – e-cloth

The Bathroom Pack from E-Cloth contains two essential bathroom cleaning cloths at a small saving –

E-Cloth Wash & Wipe Kitchen Cloths – e-cloth

This pack of 2 kitchen cloths is great for washing those dishes up and for wiping

E-Cloth Kitchen Cloth – e-cloth

Use the new heavy weight kitchen cloth to eliminate any grease dirt and over 99%

E-Cloth Classic Mop Head – e-cloth

Classic Mop Replacement Head has super absorbent high density cleaning tassels that clean hard floors

E-Cloth General Purpose Cloths Four Pack – e-cloth

Four pack of General Purpose Cloths.The E-Cloth Cleaning System:The E-Cloth Cleaning System offers a simple

E-Cloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand Replacement Head – e-cloth

A replacement sleeve for the Cleaning & Dusting wand from E-Cloth which lets you clean hard

E-Cloth Cleaning & Dusting Wand – e-cloth

The cleaning & dusting wand from E-Cloth is great for cleaning those hard to reach places

E-Cloth Kitchen Pack – e-cloth

With absolutely no soap or harmful chemicals needed all the E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Pack requires

E-Cloth Granite Cleaning – Pack Of 2 – e-cloth

The granite pack from E-Cloth is the ultimate cleaning solution for granite work tops. All you

E-Cloth General Purpose Cloth – e-cloth

No soap required just determination and elbow grease to get rid of dirty grimy surfaces.

E-Cloth Hob & Oven Pack – e-cloth

The Hob and Oven Pack from E-Cloth contains two cloths to clean all types of hob

E-Cloth Classic Mop – e-cloth

Remove the dirt and grease from all of your hard floors just with water and the

E-Cloth Washing Up Pad – e-cloth

The washing up pad works well with or without washing up liquid. The smooth side easily

E-Cloth Bathroom Pack – e-cloth

The E-Cloth Bathroom Pack is the ultimate cleaning solution for anyone's bathroom. From baths to

E-Cloth Kitchen Whizz Single – e-cloth

The Kitchen Whizz is ideal for a quick ‘whizz’ around the kitchen. Just wet the Whizz

E-Cloth Classic Check E-Towel – e-cloth

There is no need to wipe surfaces repeatedly. All you need are our ultimate Tea-Towels to

E-Cloth Classic Mop – e-cloth

All you need is water and the Classic Mop to remove grease, dirt & bacteria from

E-Cloth Screen Cleaning Pack – e-cloth

The Screen Cleaning Pack will give crystal clear screens, which really enhance TV viewing and reduce eye strain.

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