EasiYo Organics Archive

EasiYo Yoghurt Maker 1Kg – EasiYo

At last – fresh yoghurt with all its legendary health-giving properties can be made

EasiYo Raspberry Yoghurt – 230g – EasiYo

A sweet and fruity full flavoured yoghurt from EasiYo that provides a good source of calcium

EasiYo Lemon Yoghurt – 230g – EasiYo

EasiYo yoghurt is a great source of calcium and protein and this lemon yoghurt has

EasiYo Strawberry Yoghurt – 230g – EasiYo

This strawberry yoghurt base from EasiYo is a whole milk and skim milk yoghurt all

EasiYo Yoghurt Maker Starter Kit – EasiYo

The EasiYo Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started making your own delicious yoghurt.

EasiYo Low Fat Greek Yoghurt – 170g – EasiYo

If you’re a fan of deliciously smooth thick Greek yoghurt but are looking for a

EasiYo Natural Yoghurt – 140g – EasiYo

A sachet of natural Yoghurt base for you to make a whole and skimmed milk unsweetened

EasiYo Greek Yoghurt – 170g – EasiYo

EasiYo greek yoghurt is great for those who like a thicker yoghurt plus it can

EasiYo Greek & Honey Yoghurt – 210g – EasiYo

This sachet creates a delicious thick velvety smooth Greek Style Yoghurt combined with the distinctive

EasiYo Fat Free Natural Yoghurt – 140g – EasiYo

A fat free unsweetened Yoghurt that is ideal for people on a restricted fat diet. This

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