Fair Squared Organics Archive

Fair Squared Period Cup – Fair Squared

This soft menstrual cup is made from FSC certified fair trade natural latex from Sri Lanka

Fair Squared Bikini Razor – Fair Squared

This intimate area Fair Squared razor has a small ergonomic design making it easy to

Fair Squared Intimate Wash – 250ml – Fair Squared

This vegan friendly intimate wash is made with Natrue certified natural and organic ingredients with extracts

Fair Squared Shower Gel – Vanilla – 250ml – Fair Squared

This calming and relaxing vanilla shower gel is bursting with fair-trade olive oil from Palestine

Fair Squared Lip Balm – Lime Fresh – 7g – Fair Squared

Fair Squared bring you this delicious ethical and refreshing citrus lip balm made from natural

Fair Squared Lubricant & Massage Gel – Green Tea – 150ml – Fair Squared

This water soluble Natrue certified and organic gel is a 2 in 1 product which is

Fair Squared Argan Facial Cream – Rich – 30ml – Fair Squared

This quickly absorbed rich face cream is perfect for dry stressed or mature skin

Fair Squared Lip Balm Tin – Shea – 12g – Fair Squared

This subtly flavoured vanilla scented lip balm comes in a practical twist bottom tube that can

Fair Squared Intimate After Shave Balm – Apricot – 30ml – Fair Squared

This easily absorbed non greasy balm is made with Fairtrade argan oil from Morocco and

Fair Squared Shower Gel – Coconut – 250ml – Fair Squared

Love your skin and your planet with this natrue certified and organic moisturising coconut shower gel

Fair Squared Hand Cream – Natural Olive – 100ml – Fair Squared

This fair trade and eco friendly hand cream is rich creamy easily absorbed and

Fair Squared Body Butter – Vanilla – 150ml – Fair Squared

As good for your skin as it is for the planet this rich and easily

Fair Squared Vegan Condoms – Ultra Thin – Pack of 10 – Fair Squared

These vegan and ethically made condoms are ultra thin for enhanced feeling and sensation. Made using

Fair Squared Liquid Soap – Almond – 250ml – Fair Squared

This organic and natrue certified liquid soap is made with fairly traded oils olive from

Fair Squared Shower Gel – Lime – 250ml – Fair Squared

This invigorating and refreshing lime shower gel harnesses the power of fairly traded olive oil from

Fair Squared Lip Balm – Almond Sun – 12g – Fair Squared

This delicious ethical lip balm is made from natural organic ingredients It is an

Fair Squared Lip Balm Tin – Sensitive Apricot – 12g – Fair Squared

Protect your lips from the elements with this SPF15 long lasting vegan lip balm which comes

Fair Squared Vegan Condoms – Original – Pack of 10 – Fair Squared

These natural rubber condoms are made using fair trade rubber farmed in South India which

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