Gardman Organics Archive

Solar Coach Lantern Wall Light – Gardman

Create an elegant entrance to your home with this solar coach lantern wall light in black.

Dual Power Rose Gold Diamond String Lights – x10 – Gardman

Elegantly designed these rose gold diamond string lights will add a touch of class to your

Solar Black Nickel Motion Sensor Wall Light – Gardman

A contemporary Solar powered black nickel motion sensor wall light from Gardman which will provide you

RSPB Peanuts Bird Food – 1.8kg – Gardman

RSPB premium peanuts are a high energy wild bird food and a favourite of garden birds.

Beach Hut Nest Box – Blue – Gardman

A delightful beach hut style nest box designed to attract while birds to your garden while

Squirrel Food 1.3kg – Gardman

This carefully blended mix is perfect for providing squirrels with essential vitamins and minerals to keep

Cappuccino Doormat – Gardman

This cappuccino coloured cotton doormat will suit any home style and with a non-slip rubber

Hanging Feeder Tray – Gardman

This micromesh hanging feeder is great for attracting wild birds to your garden and can be

Hanging Tomato Planters – Gardman

Grow your own tomatoes at home with this hanging upside down tomato planter which keeps your

Hanging Strawberry Planters – Gardman

Ideal for growing strawberries in any size garden patio or balcony weather you’re a

Rattan Effect Brown Hanging Basket – Gardman

Made from recycled materials this Rattan effect round brown hanging basket is plastic based

Rattan Effect Brown Hanging Cone – Gardman

This Rattan effect unusual cone shaped hanging basket is created from recycled materials and built around

Potato Tub – Pack of 2 – Gardman

Grow your own potatoes year after year with this pack of two potato tubs – great

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