Green & Blacks Organics Archive

Green & Blacks Milk Miniature Collection – 180g – Green & Blacks

Green & Black's Milk Miniature Bar Collection gives you a taste of delicious milk and white

Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt – 100g – Green & Blacks

This luxurious organic and fairtrade certified milk chocolate from Green & Blacks has delicate flakes of

Green and Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate Drink – 300g – Green & Blacks

This is a hot chocolate like no other wonderfully creamy and decadently chocolatey! Perfect to

Green & Blacks Connoisseur Collection 580g – Green & Blacks

The connoisseur collection from Green & Blacks contains a puzzle of 12 organic Fairtrade chocolate

Green & Blacks Organic Cocoa Powder – 125g – Green & Blacks

Savouring a hot mug of Cocoa is a luxurious way to enjoy Green & Black’s. Made

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