Kiki Health Organics Archive

Kiki Health Nature’s Living Superfood – 150g – Kiki Health

A 100% raw alkalising nutritional supplement containing 34 cold pressed primary ingredients including alkalising land

Kiki Health Magnesium Oil Spray – 125ml – Kiki Health

This natural magnesium oil spray from Kiki Health is applied directly to the skin where it

Kiki Health Organic Coconut Oil – 500ml – Kiki Health

Certified organic unrefined virgin coconut oil from Kiki Health that can be used in place

Kiki Health Body Biotics for Kids – Kiki Health

Make sure your child has a healthy gut with these body biotics. These probiotics were specifically

Kiki Health Organic Wheatgrass Powder – 100g – Kiki Health

This organic wheatgrass powder is a great source of fibre along with other essential nutrients. It

Kiki Health Organic Aloe Ferox Juice – 500ml – Kiki Health

This certified organic aloe ferox juice is unfiltered undiluted and unconcentrated to give you all

Kiki Health Organic Chlorella Powder – 200g – Kiki Health

High in protein iron vitamin B12 fibre and a source of vitamin E

Kiki Health Organic Acai Powder – 50g – Kiki Health

Made from organic raw acai berries this supplement powder is high in Vitamin A

Kiki Health Organic Chlorella Tablets – 200 Tablets – Kiki Health

These organic chlorella tablets from Kiki Health are to be taken as a health supplement alongside

Kiki Health Organic Psyllium Husk Powder – 275g – Kiki Health

This powder made from Psyllium Husks is a bulking fibre which supports digestion controls weight

Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion – 250g – Kiki Health

This alkaline infusion from Kiki Health is a beauty and health supplement for radiant skin

Kiki Health Organic Raw Carob Powder -185g – Kiki Health

Carob is a healthy alternative to chocolate and has a high concentration of natural sugar so

Kiki Health MSM Powder – 100g – Kiki Health

This MSM powder from Kiki Health is a naturally occurring mineral sulphur from Methylsulfonylmethane which helps

Kiki Health Aloe Pure – 20 Capsules – Kiki Health

Aloe Pure capsules from Kiki Health contain freeze-dried whole leaf aloe that has been grown hydroponically

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