Komodo Organics Archive

Komodo Manchu Coat – Tobacco – Komodo

Minimalist yet simply stunning this manchu coat is the perfect thing for the autumn/winter

Komodo Chunky Soft Merino Wool Bobble Hat – Komodo

Soft stylish and chunky enough to keep you warm in the winter weather this

Komodo Herringbone Rayon Scarf – Komodo

This Herringbone design from Komodo is a harmonious balance between comfortable winter wear and stylish accessory.

Komodo Chevron Rayon Scarf – Komodo

Made from 100% rayon this Komodo scarf is completely free from all animal ingredients. The

Komodo Chunky Soft Merino Wool Hat – Komodo

Komodo have combined minimalist style with high-quality Oeko Tex 100 wool with this stylish Merino wool

Komodo Mens Cabin Chunky Merino Wool Socks – Komodo

Both stylish and practical these warming chunky socks from Komodo are made from nothing more

Komodo Colyn Jumper – Green – Komodo

Keep warm this winter while sporting a new look with this striking Colyn jumper design from

Komodo Chunky Soft Merino Wool Scarf – Komodo

Chunky enough to keep you snug in the winter weather this Komodo scarf uses high-quality

Komodo Vini Jumper – Grey Marl – Komodo

Time for a new winter look with this Vini jumper from Komodo. The Vini design may

Komodo Womens Organic Wool Socks – Light Grey – Komodo

The organic wool for these Komodo socks come from non-mulesed sources and is fully certified under

Komodo Eesha Cropped Cardigan – Komodo

This cardigan is made in a solar powered factory with lightweight yet super warm merino wool

Komodo Dipdye Shawl – Wine – Komodo

Shawls are a fun accessory because there are so many different ways to wear them

Komodo Dipdye Shawl – Black – Komodo

Shawls are a great addition to any winter outfit because of how adaptable they are. Whether

Komodo Ongo Bamboo Wrap Top – Charcoal – Komodo

The easy-going wrap design makes this top ideal for dinner parties going out or simply

Komodo Bali Ballet Plimsoles – Sand – Komodo

These lovely BALI Ballet shoes are perfect for summer day handmade from organic cotton upper

Komodo Bali Ballet Plimsoles – Khaki – Komodo

These beautiful handmade Khaki shoes have an organic cotton upper recycled PU footbed recycled

Komodo Cupid Thong – Pink Stripe – Komodo

These gorgeous thongs with pink and navy based striped design go perfectly with shorts skirts

Komodo Cupid Thong – Stormy Sea – Komodo

These CUPID Organic Cotton Thongs are made from blue and white geometric print organic linen and

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