Lavera Organics Archive

Lavera 3 in 1 Tinted Moisturising Cream – Natural – 30ml – Lavera

This 100% natural tinted moisturiser is rich in nutrients minerals and vitamin E and blends

Lavera Hair & Bodywash – 200ml – Lavera

This Lavera Shower Shampoo & Body Wash with Sea Extracts and Holderberries offers mild and gentle

Lavera Gentle Eye Make Up Remover – 30ml – Lavera

This vegan friendly eye make up remover is made using the best quality NaTrue certified natural

Lavera Deep Darkness Intense – Intense Black – 13ml – Lavera

With thickening bamboo fibres adding volume and darkness this mascara gives a dramatic look which

Lavera Hydro Effect Serum – Lavera

Lavera's Hydro Effect Serum contains organic algae and natural hyaluronic acid that work together to offer your skin daily

Lavera Roll on Deodorant – Invisible – 50ml – Lavera

Avoid annoying yellow deodorant marks on clothing and no white marks on black clothing with this

Lavera Roll on Deodorant – Fresh – 50ml – Lavera

Feel fresh all day with this 24 hr maximum protection roll on deodorant a necessity

Lavera Men Aftershave Balm – 50ml – Lavera

This balm is lightly scented and can also be used as a daily moisturiser. It includes

Lavera Toothpaste with Fluoride – Mint – 75ml – Lavera

This toothpaste offers protection from tooth decay giving naturally white teeth and mint-fresh breath in

Lavera Toothpaste with Fluoride -Sensitive – 75ml – Lavera

This toothpaste is effective at removing plaque and promoting good oral health and hygiene but doing

Lavera Men 3 in 1 Shower Shampoo – 200ml – Lavera

Feel refreshed and clean with this gentle 3 in 1 shower shampoo suitable for body

Lavera Volume Mascara – 9ml – Lavera

Coat your lashes with this vegan friendly mineral based mascara made with carefully selected organic ingredients

Lavera Hand Cream – 75ml – Lavera

This hand cream with almond oil and shea butter protects and moisturises your hands even

Lavera Men Moisturising Cream – 30ml – Lavera

This is a fast absorbing yet long lasting moisturising subtly fragranced cream for men. Use

Lavera Lip Balm – 4.5g – Lavera

The lavera lip balm with jojoba and almond oil cares for the lips and protects their

Lavera Men 24h Deodorant Roll on – 50ml – Lavera

This natural mild deodorant offers men 24hr protection against body odour with a refreshing

Lavera Butterfly Effect Mascara – Beautiful Black – 11ml – Lavera

For fluttery eyelashes like butterfly wings use triple action butterfly effect mascara which volumises

Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow Quattro – 4 x 0.8g – Lavera

This beautiful talk freemineral eyeshadow Quattro has everything you need to highlight the natural beauty of

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