Mosami Organics Archive

Mosami Big Love Pendant – Mosami

A big heart to radiate big love worn as a constant reminder that you are

Mosami Emergence Necklace – Mosami

Emergence - a charm for self belief. The serenity of a lotus flower drifting on

Mosami Wild Rose ‘Pure Love’ Necklace – Mosami

What can be more romantic than the lovely wild rose....such pure understated beauty always inspires

Mosami Wings of Hope Necklace – Mosami

Gentle dove is a universal symbol of hope and peace. Her flight to Noah’s ark heralded

Mosami Live Laugh Love Charm Necklace – Mosami

Three beautiful wishes for a vibrant life. The sun charm symbolises the joy of living. Cheerful

Mosami Frangipani Drop Earrings – Mosami

A symbol of love loyalty and connection Mosami’s sterling silver and gold vermeil Frangipani

Mosami Poppy Stud Earrings – Mosami

Gorgeous and delicate Mosami’s sterling silver poppy stud earrings are a beautiful symbol of remembrance.

Mosami Whisper A Wish New Beginnings Pendant Necklace – Mosami

A lucky charm for positive transformation the recycled sterling silver Hare pendant is a symbol

Mosami Snowdrop ‘Hope’ Earrings – Mosami

These pretty recycled sterling silver snowdrop earrings represent the prettiness and daintiness of this flower and

Mosami Frangipani ‘Loyalty’ Pendant Necklace – Mosami

The Frangipani flower is a deliciously fragranced and tropical bloom that is used in traditional Hindu

Mosami Daisy ‘Happiness’ Stud Earrings – Mosami

These stylish hand crafted Daisy flower stud earrings are produced from recycled sterling silver and each

Mosami Whisper A Wish Remembrance Pendant Poppy Necklace – Mosami

This stunning rose gold and recycled sterling silver poppy pendant is a beautiful mark of remembrance

Mosami Snowdrop ‘Hope’ Pendant Necklace – Mosami

The delicacy and beauty of the snowdrop flower is seen as a symbol of hope and

Mosami Rose ‘Love’ Pendant Necklace – Mosami

This recycled sterling silver necklace features a stunning rose pendant which symbolises love. The wearing

Mosami Forget Me Not ‘Friendship’ Pendant Necklace – Mosami

Forget-Me-Nots are a traditional flower that is given to convey true love and friendship and this

Mosami Frangipani ‘Loyalty’ Stud Earrings – Mosami

Traditionally the frangipani flower is a subtle symbol of loyalty love and connection. These