Organics Archive

Evolve Superfood Shine Shampoo with Baobab and Pomegranate (250ml) –

this shampoo has been formulated with natural cleansers from sugar and coconut to gently cleanse scalp

Hemptouch Gentle Shampoo/Shower gel (250ml/ 8.54 fl. OZ) –

soothing shampoo and shower gel containing omega 3,6 & 9 rich hemp seed oil, stimulating clary

Sojade Hemp Natural Yoghurt (250g) –

a healthy plant-based yogurt made with 100% organic french hemp seeds with no added sugar .

Mother Dirt Shampoo – Family size (200ml) –

our shampoo is the first and only to be formulated to be friendly to the skin

Nakd Peanut Delight Bar (35g) –

a rich peanut taste, with chunky peanut pieces, smooshed together with delicious dates.

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder (150g) –

taking glow inner beauty powder to the next level is glow advanced, a new and improved

Seggiano Organic Tomato Passata (690g) –

the seggiano passata is outstandingly fresh as it is made within 24 hours of selected ripe

Intimina Lily Cup Compact Size A (each) –

lily cups are a new generation in period protection: ultra-soft, reusable menstrual cups made of medical-grade

Austin Austin Bergamot & Juniper Conditioner (250ml) –

top notes of bergamot and grapefruit combine with middle notes of rosemary and eucalyptus and base

Pai Organic Comfrey & Calendula Calming Sensitive Skin Body Cream (200ml) –

comfrey: one of the most famed healing plants for treating skin irritation and combating dryness. it

Planet Organic Food Waste Compost (10L) –

food waste is collected from planet organic kitchens and juice bars. it is then fermented anaerobically

Intimina Laselle™ Weighted Exerciser 48g / 3oz (48g) –

your companion through every stage of womanhood, laselle™ weighted exercisers are the perfect solution to help

Evolve Superfood Shine Conditioner with Baobab and Pomegranate (250ml) –

this conditioner has been formulated with natural oils and butters including organic shea butter to replenish

Purition Vanilla Hemp Wholefood Shake Mix (500g) –

raw vegan wholefood alternative to protein shakes and meal replacement products, 12 servings.

Wild Nutrition FOOD-GROWN® Vitamin C & Zinc (30 caps) –

uniquely formulated for children of all ages, our complex of food-grown® zinc, vitamin c and vitamin

Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa Pearl & Red (250g) –

delicious ready cooked organic quinoa. ready to eat hot or cold, nutritious and easy to serve.