Pacifica Organics Archive

Pacifica Quinoa Sensitive Gentle Face Wash – 147ml – Pacifica

This gorgeous geranium and jasmine scented foaming face wash helps you get rid of the junk

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes Coconut Milk & essential Oils – Pack of 30 – Pacifica

These underarm deodorant wipes are an innovative formula utilizing natural ingredients with effective odor removal and

Pacifica Kale Super Detox Deep Purification Wipes – Pack of 30 – Pacifica

These wipes are a simple step to decongest and deeply cleanse clogged pores without a time

Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette – Pacifica

This innovative formula from Pacifica pushes natural makeup and mineral colour to new bounds. Look

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mineral Mascara Supernova Black – 7.5ml – Pacifica

This wonderfully natural mineral mascara is infused with coconut oil and Vitamin B for healthy lashes

Pacifica Day & Night Moisturiser – 50g – Pacifica

This lovely day and night face cream from Pacifica aims to transcend ageing and restore radiance

Pacifica 7 Free Vegan Nail Polish – Drift – 13.3ml – Pacifica

This shade of Pacifica vegan and cruelty free nail polish is a gorgeously subtle grey and

Pacifica Roll On Perfume – Persian Rose – 10ml – Pacifica

Vegan and completely cruelty free this Persian Rose roll on perfume from Pacifica is a

Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples – Pacifica

These coconut-infused creamy colours from Pacifica have a multitude of uses. Apply to cheeks eyes

Pacifica Enlighten Mineral Lip Gloss Opal – 2.8g – Pacifica

Experience for yourself the enlightened gloss and gorgeous sheer colour of this opalescent pale peach/pink lip

Pacifica 7 Free Vegan Nail Polish – Dark Desert Highway – 13.3ml – Pacifica

Pacifica vegan nail polish in Dark Desert Highway is completely free from lots of nasty chemicals

Pacifica Enlighten Mineral Lip Gloss Ravish – 2.8g – Pacifica

Sheer pomegranate with subtle gold colour combined with enlightened gloss make this Ravish lip gloss from

Pacifica 7 Free Vegan Nail Polish – Cinnamon Girl – 13.3ml – Pacifica

With a custom made wider vegan brush for an easier and smoother application this Pacifica

Pacifica Solid Perfume – Island Vanilla – 10g – Pacifica

Inspired by unique Tahitian vanilla this sweet and sensual blend of vanilla absolute honey-jasmine

Pacifica Island Vanilla Scented Soy Candle – 160g – Pacifica

With honey-jasmine notes and a hint of fruitiness this Tahitian vanilla inspired scented soy candle

Pacifica Roll On Perfume – Indian Coconut Nectar – 10ml – Pacifica

Pacifica's Indian Coconut Nectar roll on perfume is a luxurious and delightful mix of coconut and