Pimlico Confectioners Ltd Organics Archive

Pimlico Vegan Monstrous Fizzy Belt Sweets – 450g – Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

Vegan jelly rainbow belts free from gelatine nuts and artificial colours. The delicious flavour combination

Pimlico Vegan Fizzy Strawberry Pencil Sweets – 450g – Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

Strawberry flavoured vegan jelly pencils made with natural flavours and fruit juice. The sweets are free

Pimlico Vegan Fruit Jelly Sweets – 450g – Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

Delicious vegetarian sweets in a mix of flavours including apple blackberry strawberry lemon

Pimlico Vegan Fizzy Pencil Sweet Mix – 450g – Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

A delicious fruity mix of vegan gummy pencils. These mouthwatering fizzy sweets are free from gelatine

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