PowerPlus Organics Archive

PowerPlus Panther Wind up & Solar Radio Torch & Power Bank – PowerPlus

The Panther is a unique multi-functional solar powered radio and wind up radio from PowerPlus©. It's

PowerPlus Camel 3 Watt Multi Item USB Solar Charger – PowerPlus

The camel solar charger from PowerPlus features a 3W solar cell with a 2W output to

PowerPlus Lynx Dynamo & Solar powered Radio & Flashlight – PowerPlus

Introducing a well-designed high-performance mobile radio and flashlight - the Lynx. This Solar Powered AM/FM

PowerPlus Stork Solar Powered DAB/FM Radio – PowerPlus

The PowerPlus Stork Solar Powered Radio provides excellent sound quality even when out and about. Both

PowerPlus Falcon 5 in 1 LED Lantern Radio Charger Powerbank & Alarm – PowerPlus

We LOVE the Falcon! It's an outdoor enthusiast's dream and packs so much into such a

PowerPlus Mustang Dynamo Race Track – PowerPlus

The PowerPlus Mustang is a complete racing set which comes with an 3 8 meter track

PowerPlus Parrot Solar Powered Thermometer – PowerPlus

This POWERPLUS product is an Indoor and Outdoor LCD Solar powered Thermometer. Through the interchangeable suction

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