Pukka Herbs Organics Archive

Pukka Organic Supreme Green Matcha Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

Matcha tea has 100 times the antioxidants of traditional green tea and also contains various polyphenols

Pukka Organic Cleanse Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

Organic Nettle Fennel & Peppermint TeaA delicious cleansing blend of herbs traditionally used to nourish

Pukka Organic Relax Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

Longing to unwind? Soothe away the stresses of the day with this wonderfully calming sweet mellow

Pukka Organic Castor Oil – 250ml – Pukka Herbs

This organic castor oil from Pukka is traditionally used as a cold-pressed massage oil to help

Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

A unqiue blend of six spicy herbs including cinnamon and delicious sweet vanilla to warm and

Pukka Organic Sweet Vanilla Green Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

This delicious sweet vanilla green tea is made with 100% ethically sourced and organically grown ingredients

Pukka Organic Mint Matcha Green Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

Naturally made with care this fairly traded Egyptian spearmint flavoured tea gives a fresh

Pukka Organic Detox Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

Purify and rejuvenate your body with this delicious cleansing blend of whole seeds. This wonderfully aromatic

Pukka Womankind Tea x 20 bags – Pukka Herbs

Organic Rose Sweet Vanilla & Chamomile TeaA sweet fruity blend of herbs to assist and

Pukka Organic Licorice and Cinnamon Tea – 20 Bags – Pukka Herbs

Organic Cinnamon & Licorice TeaIndulge yourself with this luxuriously rich blend of dark cocoa sweet