Sante Organics Archive

Sante Dental Medical Toothpaste Vitamin B12 without fluoride – Sante

This superb toothpaste will help you to fight against gingivitis and eliminate the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Sante Instantly Smoothing Mask – Sante

This intensive face mask offers antioxidant properties for mature and demanding skin - it's packed with

Sante Soothing Night Cream Organic Almond Oil & Vitamin F – Sante

This Soothing Night Cream from Sante gently supports the regeneration of your skin with organic almond

Sante Family Lip Balm – Bio pomegranate & marula – Sante

For beautiful lips any time of the year. Bio pomegranate seed extract and marula oil make

Sante Herbal Hair Colour – Flame Red – Sante

Give your hair a sexy colour boost, the natural way. Sante Herbal Hair Colour in Flame Red is free from all harsh

Sante Eyebrow Pencil (blonde) – Sante

We all wish that we were born with perfect eyebrows that always look full and elegantly shaped and

Sante Lipstick (raspberry red) – Sante

These gorgeous natural lipsticks contains organic jojoba, protective quince seed, sweet almond oil and candella and carnauba waxes.

Sante Shampoo Lava Power – Sante

If you suffer from oily hair and dandruff, this high quality natural treatment is just what you

Sante Ginkgo & Olive Treatment Shampoo – 500ml – Sante

This natural botanical shampoo with organic gingkoand Aloe Vera is just right for pampering dry and stressed

Sante Lip Duo Contour & Gloss (Natural Look) – Sante

This perfect duo contains both a lip pencil to line and highlight the contours of your

Sante Eye Cream – Bio pomegranate & marula – Sante

Seductive glances need to be cared for. With bio pomegranate seed extract, marula oil and grape

Sante Kajal Eyeliner Pencil (anthrazite) – Sante

Sante Kajal Eyeliner Pencil has a richly pigmented formula that stays put all day or all night,

Sante Homme Facial Moisture Fluid – Sante

Homme Facial Moisture Fluid offer deep hydration and soothes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Made

Sante Eyeshadow Trio (smokey eyes) – Sante

Your eyes are powerful. Why not highlight their beauty and make them even more irresistible with Sante Eye

Sante Homme Body & Hair Shower Gel – Sante

This convenient gel will save you money, time and space in your luggage when you are

Sante Nail Polish Remover – Sante

Tough on nail varnish, gentle on nails. This acetone-free nail polish remover is free of all