Smart Garden Organics Archive

Solar Powered Multi-Glow Gem String Lights – 10 – Smart Garden

A striking row of 10 solar string lights with metal globes and gorgeous coloured gem detailing.

Solar Powered Rose Bloom Stake Light – 2 Pack – Smart Garden

Set of 2 rose bloom stake lights which have delicate pink glass petals and will

Solar Powered Star String Lights – 30 – Smart Garden

A string of 30 solar powered LED star lights to hand up in your garden. The

Solar Powered Metal Silhouette Hedgehog Light – Smart Garden

Handmade metal hedgehog silhouette with a lovely scroll effect pattern and a colour-changing solar powered light

Solar Powered Metal Silhouette Flamingo Light – Smart Garden

Brighten up your garden with this charming flamingo light – ran entirely off of solar power.

Solar Powered Decorative Cornish Sea Lantern – Pack Of 2 – Smart Garden

This pair of Cornish Sea Lanterns is perfect for hanging on border hooks or trees

Smart Solar Colour Changing Party Lights – Pack of 20 – Smart Garden

Brighten up your garden with these beautiful colour-changing solar powered string lights from Smart Solar. Ideal

Eureka Solar Powered Lightbulb Lantern – 6 Pack – Smart Garden

This set of 6 individual solar powered lightbulbs each have a crocodile clip to attach to

Solar Powered Coloured LED String Lights – 50 – Smart Garden

These delightfully coloured LED strings lights will look wonderful in any garden.  The fun colours will

Solar Powered Metal Silhouette Duck Light – Smart Garden

Make a statement in your garden with this charming ornamental scroll-effect metal Duck which is

Solar Powered Metal Silhouette Peacock Light – Smart Garden

Stunning copper verdigris effect metal peacock allows you to have the tail feathers up or down.

Solar Powered Fluted Stake Lights – Pack of 10 – Smart Garden

These Smart Solar Fluted Stake Lights will automatically stay on when darkness falls.  Each has an

Solar Powered White String Lights – 50 LED – Smart Garden

These 50 white LED String Lights will add a touch of sparkle to any shrubbery or

Solar Powered Martello Stainless Steel Stake Light – Pack of 4 – Smart Garden

These stake lights is an energy efficient way of illuminating your garden; drawing attention to your

Solar Powered Eureka Lightbulb String Light – 10 – Smart Garden

Drape these lightbulbs around your garden to accent flowerbeds ornaments or simply add some ambient

Solar Powered Carnival Spotlight – Pack of 2 – Smart Garden

Bring the lights of a vibrant carnival or circus to your back garden with these colour-changing

Solar Powered Foxglove Stake Light – 2 Pack – Smart Garden

A set of two gorgeous solar powered stake lanterns in the shape of foxgloves. The flower

Solar Powered Poppy Stake Light – 2 Pack – Smart Garden

Brighten up your garden with this set of two solar powered poppy lights. With hand painted

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