Sodasan Organics Archive

Sodasan Glass & Surface Cleaner – 500ml – Sodasan

Get a streak free shine on your glass mirrors and tiles with this eco-friendly

Sodasan Orange All Purpose Cleaner – 500ml – Sodasan

A universal ecological all purpose cleaner that uses the natural grease-dissolving power of orange oil

Sodasan Washing Up Liquid – 500ml – Sodasan

Get sparkling clean streak free dishes without negatively impacting the environment with this ecological concentrated

Sodasan Dishwasher Salt – 2kg – Sodasan

Organic ecological dishwasher salt from Sodasan made from pure evaporated salt without any anti-caking

Sodasan Oxygen Bleach – 500g – Sodasan

EcoCert certified oxygen bleach from Sodasan that works to remove stubborn stains and keeps whites white.

Sodasan Heavy Duty Detergent Powder – 1.2kg – Sodasan

EcoCert certified heavy duty laundry powder from Sodasan made with a carbon neutral process using

Sodasan Lime Oil Power Cleaner – 250ml – Sodasan

The lime oil power cleaner from Sodasan uses citrus fruits to those remove tough stains where

Sodasan Bath & Shower Cleaner – 500ml – Sodasan

EcoCert certified eco-friendly bath and shower cleaner made with vegetable-based detergents to effectively remove limescale

Sodasan Toilet Power Gel – 750ml – Sodasan

An environmentally friendly toilet cleaner from Sodasan made with citric acid sugar surfactants and

Sodasan Dishwasher Tablets – Pack of 25 – Sodasan

Eco-friendly dishwasher tablets from Sodasan made from plant-based washing substances to give you gleaming dishes.

Sodasan Laundry Fragrance & Rinse – 750ml – Sodasan

Organic eco friendly fabric softener from Sodasan made with aloe vera and soya lecithic

Sodasan Scouring Cream – 500ml – Sodasan

EcoCert certified scouring cream made with natural ingredients for a gentle yet thorough clean. Free

Sodasan Clear Rinse – 500ml – Sodasan

Unscented eco-friendly rinse aid from Sodasan made with plant based ingredients to give you

Sodasan All Purpose Cleaner – 1L – Sodasan

A mild ecological all purpose cleaner from Sodasan certified by EcoCert and made with high

Sodasan Colour Laundry Liquid – 1.5L – Sodasan

Environmentally conscious colour laundry liquid made with high-quality organic vegetable oils blended with pure essential oils

Sodasan Sensitive Laundry Liquid – 1.5L – Sodasan

En eco-friendly EcoCert certifed laundry liquid perfect for sensitive skin and ideal for washing baby