Tsuno Organics Archive

Tsuno Organic Cotton Tampons – Mini – Pack of 16 – Tsuno

Tsuno organic cotton mini tampons are the eco-friendly way to handle your period out and about.

Tsuno Organic Cotton Tampons – Super – Pack of 16 – Tsuno

These 100% GOTS certified organic tampons are made without the use of pesticides and fertilizer and

Tsuno Organic Cotton Tampons – Regular – Pack of 16 – Tsuno

This box of 16 GOTS certified organic tampons is suitable for medium flow approximately 11g

Tsuno Bamboo Regular Pads – Ultra Thin & Winged – 10 – Tsuno

These ultra thin winged pads are great for a medium flow with Bamboo being one

Tsuno Bamboo Overnight Pads – Ultra Thin & Winged – 8 – Tsuno

Ultra thin and ultra kind to your skin and the planet these winged overnight pads

Tsuno Bamboo Ultra Thin Panty Liners – 20 – Tsuno

These natural panty liners are made from bamboo and corn fibre and are chlorine and dioxin

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