Wildlife World Organics Archive

Brushwood Tree Nest Pouch – Wildlife World

Made with a natural brushwood design this tree nest pouch from Wildlife World has a

Conservation Sparrow Nest Box – Wildlife World

This is the Wildlife World Sparrow nester in the conservation range. This high specification nest box

Conservation Solitary Bee Hive – Wildlife World

The ‘Conservation Solitary Beehive’ is one of a range of new products designed not only for

Wildlife World Tall Bird Nesting Pocket – Large – Wildlife World

This attractive large nesting pocket has enough space to allow medium sized birds to use the

Original Hedgehog House – Wildlife World

The original wooden Hedgehog House provides a safe habitat for hedgehogs in the garden. Suitable for

Swingseat Bird Feeder – Wildlife World

This charming swing seat bird feeder is ideal for smaller birds to feed from and will

Birds Bees & Bugs Hotel – Wildlife World

This impressive hotel featuresChamber 1 – Bird Nest Box A loft nesting area for wildbirds with

Urban Bee Nester Box – Wildlife World

With a sleek and contemporary design this bee nester box is ideal for urban surroundings

Coniston Bird Bath – Wildlife World

The Coniston bird bath has an aged stone appearance but is actually made from an eco-friendly

Simon King Brushwood Robin Nester – Wildlife World

This robin nester from Wildlife World designed to attract the birds to your garden has been

Dewdrop Wildbird Nester – Wildlife World

A teardrop shaped insulated nest box made with FSC timber and woven bamboo for a decorative

Dewdrop Bee & Bug Hotel – Wildlife World

This teardrop shaped Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter

Pollinating Bee Log – Wildlife World

This sustainable pollinating bee log is made from FSC certified timber log and is perfect for

Ladybird Insect Tower – Wildlife World

Welcome ladybirds and other beneficial bugs to your garden with this FSC ladybird tower made from

Dewdrop Butterfly & Insect Hotel – Wildlife World

This stylish dew drop shaped Butterfly & Insect hotel provides a save haven for insects in

Chavenage Bat Box – Wildlife World

This single chamber unit is a quality nesting box for bats to build a home in.

Natural Log Robin Bird Box – Wildlife World

This lovely robin box is made from a natural air dried FSC wooden log complete

Wildlife World Echoes Bird Bath – Wildlife World

This stunning large ceramic Echoes Bird Bath with ripple step design will not only attract birds

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