Wildlife World Organics Archive

Minibugs Bobby’s Bug House – Wildlife World

Specifically designed for children the bug house has canes and drilled holes to give homes

Pollinating Bee Log – Wildlife World

This pollinating log is made from a sturdy FSC timber log with natural bark that gives

Swingseat Bird Feeder – Wildlife World

This charming swing seat bird feeder is ideal for smaller birds to feed from and will

Ladybird Insect Tower – Wildlife World

Welcome ladybirds and other beneficial bugs to your garden with this FSC ladybird tower made from

Dewdrop Butterfly & Insect Hotel – Wildlife World

This stylish dew drop shaped Butterfly & Insect hotel provides a save haven for insects in

Chavenage Bat Box – Wildlife World

This single chamber unit is a quality nesting box for bats to build a home in.

Natural Log Robin Bird Box – Wildlife World

This lovely robin box is made from a natural air dried FSC wooden log complete

Wildlife World Echoes Bird Bath – Wildlife World

This stunning large ceramic Echoes Bird Bath with ripple step design will not only attract birds

Minibugs Lucy’s Ladybird House – Wildlife World

Designed especially for children Lucy’s Ladybird House offers a home for beneficial insects to live.

Wildlife World Tall Bird Nesting Pocket – Large – Wildlife World

This attractive large nesting pocket has enough space to allow medium sized birds to use the

Igloo Hedgehog House – Wildlife World

Offer hedgehogs and other mammals a safe retreat from modern hazards such as gardening equipment

Friendly Bug Barn – Wildlife World

Create an interesting environment for the multiple insects in your garden to thrive in. Constructed out

Wildlife World Double Chamber Bat Box – Wildlife World

Solidly constructed in FSC oak and larch this double chambered box provides a perfect habitat

Wildlife World Bempton Hanging Bird Table – Wildlife World

The Bempton Bird Table from Wildlife World will not only attract small birds but looks

Coniston Bird Bath Stand – Wildlife World

The Coniston bird bath stand is a separate tall stem which fits onto your Coniston bird

Wildlife World Echoes Bird Bath Stand – Wildlife World

This stunning glazed ceramic Echoes Bird Bath Stand is designed to be used with the matching