Results RNA ACZ Nano Zeolite (60ml) –

acz nano® is the most effective heavy metal detox product, with independent studies showing up to a 1000 fold increase urinary output of heavy metals. 170g of nanomised zeolite is equivalent to 1000kg of micronised zeolite, in terms of effective surface area. acz nano®  has been developed especially for heavy metal detoxification and is made of a type of natural volcanic ash which a cage like structure that irreversably binds heavy metals and removes them via the urinary system. other chelators can actually mobilise the metals and then redeposit them to other parts of the body, acz will not do this. it also has the highest affinity for the heaviest elements, so will preferentially bind mercury before say aluminium and because it has been pre-treated with calcium, potassium and magnesium, it will replace the toxic metal with one that the body actually requires. independently proven to be able to increase urinary output of mercury by over a 1000 is also been shown to remove volatile organic compounds like pcp’s and ddt as well as fluorine and chlorine. for the safest, most effective, proven detoxification

Results RNA ACZ Nano Zeolite (60ml)

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